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  1. Vidya Devi Dasi says:

    I am a devotee for many many years and have someone who is very dear to me who lives in the Richmoond area who really wants to connect with devotees and make the next step in her devotional life. She chants already and has been a vegetarian for years. Do you offer Bhagavatam classes and/or Bhagavad Gita classes? Is there a temple she can visit? She is a mother of 3 and works full time but has begun her devotional life. Who should I recommend she gets in contact with?

  2. Hare Krishna mataji, PAHMO AGTSP, Sorry for the long delay, somehow we missed this email. please reach out to Divynam Prabhuji at 786-218-2824. This is Shyam Giridhari Das

    Your servant
    shyam giridhari das

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